About Me

I believe we can make adventures happen no matter our location and I am out to prove it. Remember that even the simplest activities, like climbing trees and watching wildlife, are adventures to a child. 

So, we are SIMPLY OUTDOORS EVERYDAY making adventure happen!
climing trees
In addition to loving trees, I love my husband, 2 kids, the great outdoors and chocolate (by the way, did you know chocolate comes from trees). I believe spending time outdoors is an essential part of childhood and an awesome way to strengthen family relationships.
Hiking as a family.
Sometimes my son is less than thrilled but we go anyway.
We love camping, hiking, playgrounds, walks by the river, just being outdoors. Our experiences aren't always perfect, but we keep going. On this blog I share our tips for enjoying the outdoors as a family, ideas for outdoor activities and our adventures. Hope you’ll join in and follow along on Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and Twitter

My Background

Hiking with my daughter.

I studied forest management and environmental education in college. I have worked as a park ranger, research assistant, forest policy intern, and environmental sciences academic adviser. Nowadays I spend my time connecting my kids with the outdoors and teaching environmental science on the side.


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