Nature Bookmarks

My son found two beautiful red, heart-shaped leaves on our walk to school one morning. He was so excited because red is his favorite color and they were a unique shape. I knew I had to find some way to preserve them. The best I could come up with was these nature bookmarks. Not only do I have a beautiful bookmark but I also have a keepsake that reminds me of a fun morning outdoors with my kids.

The most difficult part of the process for me was finding items small enough to fit on the bookmark. Most of the leaves we ended up using were from bushes because we did these in the fall.  During the spring and summer it shouldn't be too hard to find small flowers you can press and add to the collection. The other option is to make a wide or round bookmark. It will look great either way.

I think this is by far my most favorite craft we have done so far. Probably because I love to read but also because never buy bookmarks so I actually use these. The other reason I love them so much is that they are so easy to make. As long as you take your time laying the two laminating sheets together they look good not matter what. If you are new to pressing plants Preserved Gardens has some great advise.



  1. Cut laminating sheets into two inch strips (or as wide as you want the bookmark to be). 

  2. Peel off grid sheet and place, non-sticky side down, on a table. 
  3. Add natural materials to the sticky side of the laminating sheets. Will work best is natural materials don't go over the edge. They did on my son's but you will get a better seal if they don't. 
  4. Remove the grid sheet off a whole or wider than 2 inch sheet and place non-sticky side down on the table. 
  5. Start laying the decorated strip, sticky sides together, from the top of the page and slowly continue to press the two sheets together being careful to smooth out any air bubbles. 
  6. Cut off any excess laminating sheet to make a smooth, even edge. 
  7. Punch a hole in the top of the bookmark and thread yarn or ribbon through to create tassel. I created a loop with the yarn, threaded the ends through the hole, then pulled the two ends back through the loop. See picture below. 

Happy Exploring!

Here are a few more spring-inspired crafts.

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