DIY Tic-Tac-Toe Valentines (free printable)

Valentine's Day is my least favorite holiday but the kids love it so I play nice. In a effort to reduce the waste associated with Valentine's Day I decided to upcycle and make our valentines from an old t-shirt and rocks we collected during outdoor play. Please check out the bottom of the post for a collection of upcycled and nature-inspired valentines from my fellow bloggers.


  • old t-shirts - preferable red, white and pink
  • scissors
  • small rocks - flat work best
  • ribbon
  • permanent marker or paint with fine tipped brush
  • ruler
  • tags (free printable at end of post)


  • Cut a 7 inch circle of fabric from the t-shirts.
  • Draw the tic-tac-toe graph on the inside side of the circle with the paint or marker. The permanent marker bleeds through so go lightly or use paint. 
  • Draw Xs and Os on the rocks with the permanent marker or paint. 
  • This is the somewhat confusing part. I cut 8 very small hole 1.5' in from the outside of circle. I weaved the ribbon through the holes so it wouldn't be lost when the game is being played. 
  • Place rocks in the center of the circle and pull the strings to create a bag. 
  • Tie off the ribbon and attach the tag. 
Here is the free printable for the tags. Hope you all enjoy. 

Click on image for printable PDF. 

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