Where Families Are The Focus

The outdoor industry focuses very little on families. Most advertisements feature fit young men and some women, many times athletes, doing high-adventure activities. I am not saying those athletes don't deserve attention for their accomplishments, they do; but the industry as a whole could do better at reaching a larger demographic.

REI has even gone so far as to move all infant and toddler gear to online sales starting fall 2016. I am not trying to be critical of REI. I understand they have to make sound business decisions. But it is just further proof that the younger generation is not experiencing the outdoors as much as they need to.

So where do families look for support in their outdoor adventures? In addition to bloggers ;), Outdoor Families magazine is focusing solely on families and encouraging them to build lasting relationships and memories through spending time outdoors.

The magazine caters to all types of families.They bring inspirational stories to light, offer tips for successful family outdoor adventures, highlight gear for kids and give a voice to families who love the outdoors.

Here are my favorite article from the past year.

To celebrate this 1 year anniversary Outdoor Families Magazine is hosting the Sand and Surf Family Adventure Giveaway. One luck family of three will win a free 6-night vacation. Head on over and enter.


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