A Gift Guide for the OutdoorsMom!

I have to admit, I felt guilty writing this post. I am a mom and sometimes I fall into the trap of feeling like everything I do SHOULD revolve around my kids. This is Christmas after all and kids are usually the main focus (as they should be). But we, as moms, SHOULD take care of ourselves as well. So whether you are an avid adventurer, an occasional camper or if you are just visiting the park with your kids, here are a few items that will make the outdoors for fun for YOU.
My favorite camping trip of the year: Palo Duro Canyon State Park.

For Going Out: 

I tried to pick one but I have two items that I absolutely loved this past year. Both are a little on the pricey side but there are ways to find the items for a decent price. Sierra Trading Post regularly offers coupons on their Facebook page and just has good prices in general. My local outfitter has awesome end-of-season clearance sales. Generally 40-60% off some amazing apparel. You may be able to find similar deals near you. You don't have to pay full price if can be patient. Maybe ask for the money for Christmas and buy them when you can find the right price.
Wore my two favorite items on our most recent camping trip.
  • KEENs (aff. link) - This year, after seven and a half, I retired my Newport H2s and bought the Rose sandals. I loved my old KEENs. They protected my toes, kept my feet relatively warm and cleaned up well. The Rose sandal does everything the H2s did but the material is lighter and the sandal is less bulky making them much more fun and comfortable to wear. I have only had them for five months so I don't know if they will last as long as the H2s. 
  • Escape Pant (aff. link) from Stonewear Designs - My favorite feature of these pants are the draw strings that allow me to convert them into capris; essentially making them a four season pant. During the winter I add my Terramar base layer. Of course I don't live in an area with tons of snow. The fit on these pants is flattering. The material is quick drying and very durable. I have a pair of capris from another outdoor brand and every time I sit on a log the material wants to snag. I have never had this happen with my Escape Pants. 

For Staying In: Called Again

Jennifer Pharr Davis became the world record holder by hiking the Appalacian Trail in 46 days. Amazing to say the least! Jennifer is a talented and hard working women who had to overcome countless unforeseen obstacles to reach her goal. Her story helped me feel not-so-alone in my struggles and work to reach my own goals. So curl up with your favorite hot drink and enjoy.
These are so fun and you can even choose what type of shirt you want the logo on. They even have a baby onesie.

For Action: Lifestraw Steel

This is a brand new product that improved something I didn't think need to be improved. I was lucky enough to be chosen as a beta tester and I have been waiting to tell the world about this product for a couple months. The biggest improvement for me was the addition of a carbon filter which improved the taste of the water. The original Lifestraw gives you clean water but if it comes out of a stagnate lake, the water tastes stagnate. The new Steel removes any funny or undesirable taste and gives you a much more refreshing experience. I also have the GoFilter Bottle (aff. link) and I love the peace of mind being able to transport even a small amount of water brings.

DIY: Hammock Chair 

This is perfect for home or camping and it relatively simply to make. You can even get creative with the paint and really fit her personality. The creator originally made this for kids so I would make the back higher just to make it more comfortable.

For Free: "Coupon" For a Solo Hike

I couldn't think of anything I would rather have for Christmas. I actually told my husband this year to not buy me anything but to spend the money on an adventure! Enjoying the outdoors solo is such a treat. I love my family but most of my time is spent taking care of them, especially when we are outdoors. It is so refreshing to explore on my own.
One of my solo hikes a couple years ago.

Hope you all have a fun Christmas season!!

Please check out these gift guides by my fellow outdoor family bloggers. There are a ton of awesome giveaways going on this year. 


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