Running Is Totally For Me (book review)

As some of you may know, I reached a goal I set for myself this past April by running my first 5K. Let me tell you, it felt amazing to accomplish something other than laundry or house cleaning. I am by no means an avid runner, I am more of an avid hiker, but I have continued to run and I haven't found anything that compares to a "runner's high". I don't think running is for everyone but I do think everyone can and should find ways to have fun being active. And this is exactly what the book Running Is Totally For Me is about.

The book starts out with the main character, Madi, plainting (her favorite activity). But she decides she wants to be more active and sets out to try a variety of activities with various friends. As you probably already guessed, she finds running to be her favorite activity.

My kids related to the book because they had tried many of the activities and wanted to talk about them. I loved that I got to learn more about what they love and perhaps want to try in the future. My kids are young so I am in the mode of introducing them to different types of activities.

One message that I appreciated from this book is that it shows kids they can be good at multiple activities. Madi loves painting but she can also love running and makes time for both. Variety leads to a full and fun life. Kids need opportunities to explore and try new things.

The BEST part of this book is that it's a call to action. It doesn't matter what you love, just that you find it and do your best.

But the book doesn't stop there. The author, Cassie, has put together a couple activities to actually get your kids moving and thinking. Head over to Totally For Me and check them out. We chose to play the dice game. The kids had fun but we added a twist of our own. On the blank die we drew in our own activities; jumping jacks, somersaults, skipping, etc. Just a fun mix of activities to get the kids moving. The kids even kept playing after I was finished.
My daughter kicking a soccer ball.
Last note, Cassie is a local Oklahoman and I love supporting women who are getting out their, making their dreams happen and encouraging us to do the same. You can find more about her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. She has planned a lot of fun events associated with the book launch this week; Periscope readings, giveaways and Q&As. Head over to the Book's Facebook page and join in.

Cassie is also offering a special price on the book this week, $7.99 instead of $9.99. Use the code Launch (case sensitive) from 9/28 thru 10/3 to purchase your copy.

Disclaimer: I received this book free of charge to facilitate this review but all opinions are my own.


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