Tips for a Stress-Free Picnic

You know, we all have to eat. Why not eat outdoors?

Picnics can be a fun and creative way to spend time outdoors as a family. Add a few games and you have a full blown family outdoor adventure. But as with most things, planning is key to having fewer problems and more FUN. Here are a few things I have learned about ensuring stress-free picnics with kids.
Tips for a Stress-Free Picnic
  • Time Of Day - The coolest part of the day for us right now is in the morning. Even after the sun goes down it is still in the high 80s and sometimes low 90s. So the best meal for us to eat outdoors is breakfast. Sometimes we even just stay in our pajamas and eat in the back yard. 
  • Plan For Bugs - Don't forget the bug repellent and plan to keep food covered at all times so it attracts as few bugs as possible. 
  • Ants - Along the same lines as bugs but super important so I gave it a bullet point all its own. Remind your kids what ant hills look like so they can do their best to avoid them. Or check the area for ant hills and mark them by placing a stick in the ground next to them. A kid falling into an ant bed will end the fun real quick. 
  • Bring Extra Water - I love to have extra on hand for cleaning up messes or for rinsing hands. Whether they are covered in dirt or food, it is nice to be able to clean them off with a little water. Or knees if they happen to fall down.
  • Cloth Is Best - I love cloth table cloths. Sure plastic is water proof but cloth is much more versatile. If you run out of napkins, you have a way to clean up messes or your hands. If there are no picnic tables, cloth is much more comfortable to sit on. If you wash your table cloths in the washer, cloth lasts longer. 
Bonus: Make it an adventure by trying a new location. We decided to have a picnic earlier this year by a lake. It required us to hike a little but it was worth it.
Tips for a Stress-Free Picnic

What are you picnic-ing tips?


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