Nature Crowns Inspired By Frozen

My kids, like most others, are obsessed with Frozen; even after all this time. We were watching it AGAIN this past weekend and I noticed the nature-inspired crowns Anna and Kristoff were wearing when the trolls tried to marry them. I thought, why not channel their love of Frozen into spending some time outdoors and putting to use some the natural materials they are bound to collect in the process.
I love the way these crowns turned out. They just take a little time and patients to glue everything into place. Anna's crown looks like it was made using palm leaves and being in Oklahoma, we don't have any. So I found some wide bladed bunch grass that I cut in an attempt to make them look like palm leaves. If I was still living in Florida, I would have just gathered some saw palmetto leaves.

Update: This year we made the crown my daughter is wearing on the left. Since it is the middle of the winter there are no leaves so I found a way to make Queen Elsa's crown.


Hot Glue and Gun
Sticks - lots of them
Small palm leaves or wide bladed grass - lots of them
Red leaves, scrap felt, ribbons or buttons


  • Get outdoors and let your kids collect as many leaves, blades of grass and sticks as possible. I was surprised how many we ended up needing. We made a couple gathering trips. 
  • Cut felt into 1-2 inch wide strips and glue then into circles big enough to fit your child's head. Remember that felt stretches, I made mine just a little too small. This is especially important for the stick crown as it is heavy and stretches out the felt. 
  • Break sticks into equal sizes. I recommend as short as possible. This crown get fairly heavy, so shorter sticks make for a lighter crown. 
  • Cut blades for blades of grass to look like palm leaves. Once again, short is better. Longer leaves are harder to handled when glued into place. 
    Nature Walk: Nature Crowns Inspired By Frozen
  • Glues leaves onto one circle of felt lining up one edge of the leaves along the bottom edge of the felt. Repeat this with the sticks. Use a fair amount of glue on the sticks. They can be heavy and need to be secured. 
  • Cut leaves, scrap felt or ribbon into small pieces. Glue onto the bottom of the palm crown for decoration. They use some sort of jewel in Frozen and this was the best "natural" replacement I could come up with. 
    Nature Walk: Nature Crowns Inspired By Frozen
  • Enjoy. See what stories your kids come up with playing with these crowns. The leaves dry out fairly fast but the crown is still usable and tons of fun.
    Nature Walk: Nature Crowns Inspired By Frozen
What have you been creating using natural materials lately? Feel free to leave posts and pictures in the comments. 

PS. My kids thought it was fun to go an a "FROZEN" hike. I am always looking for ways to keep hiking fun for the kids.

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