Waterfront Activities: No Extra Equipment Needed

This is the fourth post in my No Extra Equipment Needed series; a series that highlights outdoor activities that don't require any extra equipment. I am challenging myself and helping my kids develop their creativity and imaginations. 

I didn't grow up in Florida but I consider it my home. I grew up out west in the mountains and it was a little bit of a culture shock moving to Florida. The first thing I grew to love in Florida were the trees; no surprise there. And the second was the water.

Whether the beach, the many lakes and rivers or, my personal favorite, natural springs; the waterfront in Florida is beautiful. It is the best way to spend hot summer days. So whether you are in Florida or any other place near water, here a 18 waterfront activities: No Extra Equipment Needed.
  1. Tic-Tac-Toe - draw lines in the sand or mud and use natural materials (rocks, sticks, shells, etc.) for the x's and o's. 
  2. Shell or rock collecting competition - see who can find the biggest (that they can carry), smallest, most unique, etc. shell or rock. 
    Waterfront Activities: No Extra Equipment Needed
  3. Sculptures - my sister created a turtle just using her hands and a stick. The possibilities are endless. Try decorating the sculptures with natural objects. 
  4. Bug or animal hunt - can you find any new-to-you bugs or animals? Try digging in the sand or dirt to see what creatures live there. 
    Waterfront Activities: No Extra Equipment Needed
    We didn't see any sea turtles but I had fun talking about why it is important to protect their habitat. 
  5. Target practice - draw three nesting circles and toss shells or rocks to see who can hit the center. 
  6. Towel tag - the person who is "it" uses a rolled up towel to throw and "tag" other players. 
  7. Pick up trash - my family's rule growing up was to leave a place cleaner that we found it. I am teaching my kids the same principle. 
  8. Leaf races - find or pick your favorite leaf. If at the river, race the leaves along the river's edge. If at the beach or lake, dig a canal for leaf races. 
  9. Make a sundial using a stick and rocks or shells and teach your kids to tell time the old fashioned way. 
  10. Make a volcano
  11. Fun faces in the sand or dirt then position your shadow over them. See picture above. 
  12. Make a fort using sticks and towels. 
  13. Have a sand or mud fight. Easy clean up afterwards. 
  14. Leaf matching - pick up a leaf off the ground and find the plant it belongs to. 
  15. Skipping rocks.
  16. Watch the sunrise or set. Better yet, bring bring breakfast or a special snack. 
  17. Can you find any plants that live in the water
  18. Make a sand angel instead of a snow angel. 
Bonus: Don't forget goggles and a snorkel, there is always something interesting to see in the water and they don't take up much room.

What are you favorite activities for the water?

Follow along for more inspiration and ideas for exploring the outdoors as a family. 


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