3 Totally Crazy Ways to Spend Earth Day

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of celebrating Earth Day?

Probably something along the lines of exchanging ideas for "green" living, crafting using recycling materials, gardening or simply spending time outdoors away from technology.
3 Totally Crazy Ways to Spend Earth Day

All of these are good ideas but I was recently reading an article that totally blew my mind and changed how I am celebrating Earth Day this year.

The article reported on a study that was done about 15 years ago in which the researchers surveyed a group of 6th grade students to understand what activities helped them develop positive environmental attitudes. The students had just participated in a week-long environmental camp and the researchers expected that the camp would increase the students positive attitudes toward the environment. Surprisingly, this environmental education program did not increase the positive environmental attitudes in the students (this has actually been found in multiple studies). Want to know what did increase positive environmental attitudes?

It turned out to be three simple activities we can do every day in our homes. They are:
  • talking about the environment at home, 
  • watching nature-related media,
  • and reading about nature. 
Kind of crazy. Right?

I think we as parents underestimate the impact we can have on our kids. Yet this research shows that if we want our kids to care about the environment all we need to do is talk about it with them.

So here are the "totally crazy" things we can do to celebrate Earth Day that will actually help our kids develop into environmentally responsible adults. 

Take some time for your favorite outdoor activity and involve your kids. It's that simple. For me, we will be hiking. Take time to talk to them about why you love the outdoors and why you choose to make "green" choices. It doesn't have to be extravagant. Even a simple talk while working in the garden or walking around the neighborhood will do.
3 Totally Crazy Ways to Spend Earth Day

Don't have time for an outdoor activity today? Read a nature-related book and talk about what you read. Need some ideas for nature-related books? Check out my Pinterest board Kids - Reading. 

Follow Mae @ Mommy Loves Trees's board Kids - Reading on Pinterest.

Or the very least let your kids watch a nature related movie or TV show. My daughter's favorite right now is The Lorax. But Wild Kratts and Dinosaur Train on PBS are great options as well. Kids pay attention to media and are going to spend time on it. Help it influence them in a positive way. I still remember Reading Rainbow episodes about the environment from when I was a kid.

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