Our Favorite Ways To Play Outdoors In The Spring!

To me the most enjoyable time to be outdoors is in the spring. The temperatures are milder, not too hot and not too cold. We no longer have to put on 20 layers when we want go outside. And everything is changing. Plants, trees, birds and animals are coming back; making it an especially fun time to explore nature.

I am a firm believer that getting outdoors doesn't need to be complicated. Sometimes the simplest activities are the best. My favorites are usually to ones that don't require extra equipment.

I guess I have spent enough time outdoors encouraging my kids to explore that I don't even have to prompt my them anymore, they just start on their own. They get so excited when they spot a bird or bug, climb rocks on their own or create nature art. It has been one of the most rewarding things about spending so much time outdoors with my kids.

On that note, here are my favorite activities for the spring that don't require extra equipment.
Our Favorite Ways To Play Outdoors In The Spring!

Play in the rain. The rain itself is a lot of fun but it also means streams and rivers are running high. Something as simple as throwing leaves and sticks into a stream to watch them float down can be so much fun. Besides rain jackets, we don't have any other special clothing.
I just have my kids wear their sandals and I bring an extra pair of pants in case they need them after we play.
Play in the mud! We have a tradition that every spring we stop hiking and start going on mud hunts. Seriously, it is how I got my son excited about hiking again a couple years ago. You can read more about that here. Once again, I just make sure and bring extra shoes and pants for the ride home.
Our Favorite Ways To Play Outdoors In The Spring!
Bird watch or hunt for bugs. It doesn't really take much to see either in the spring. I was running with my kids at the park last week and my son was so excited to see all the cardinals (red is his favorite color). If you want to attract more birds, make a bird feeder. There are so many ideas out there for make bird feeders using recycled materials. We made this one using a cereal box, stick and old string.
Hunt for flowers. Gather a few, or a bunch, and make an arrangement for your table. My son did this all on his own; picked out the cup and everything.
Our Favorite Ways To Play Outdoors In The Spring!
Explore trees. Tree are going through a lot of changes in the spring and it is a fun time to look a little closer. Click here for a free scavenger hunt.
Gardening. We live in a apartment but that doesn't keep us from enjoying a few fresh herbs and such. Here is my newest idea for gardening with small spaces.

What about you guys, what are your favorite outdoor activities in the spring?
Our Favorite Ways To Play Outdoors In The Spring!

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