Nature-Inspired Valentines (free-printable)

I really love holidays. But I sometimes get tired of all the commercialism and focus on CANDY. We still have candy from Christmas and Halloween. I am always very appreciative when we get non-candy gifts. The only thing that makes a gift better for me when it encourages us to get outdoors. So, in an effort to take the focus off candy and put it onto spending time outdoors I created these Valentines. After all, spring is the perfect time for getting outdoors and gardening.

The "glue" attaching the seeds to the paper is just flour and water. So the seeds do not need to be detached from the paper before they are planted.
Plus my kids had a fun time gluing the seeds onto the Valentines. I liked that my kids were able to take an active role in creating these for their friends. Hope you all enjoy.


  • Forget-Me-Not Valentine PDF (available at bottom of post)
  • Forget-Me-Not seeds
  • 2 tbsp Flour
  • 2 tbsp Water
  • Paint Brush


  • Print Forget-Me-Not Valentines and cut out. 
  • Mix flour and water until smooth to make the "glue".
  • Use the paint brush to dab a small dot of paste onto the inside of the hearts on the Valentines.
    Nature-Inspired Valentines (free-printable)
  • Place a couple seeds on each dot of past. Make sure to press seeds into glue. It will get a little messy but if you don't the seeds will just pop off when dried. Trust me. 
    Nature-Inspired Valentines (free-printable)
  • Allow to dry. 
  • Have your child sign their name on the bottom. 

Alternative Gift Options

  • Place card and whole packet of Forget-Me-Not seeds in decorative bag and tie with ribbon. You could even throw in a few Peat Soil Pellets for starting seeds. 
    Nature-Inspired Valentines (free-printable)
  • Instead of gluing seeds into the center of the heart, cut out a heart-shaped piece of seed paper and glue or tie it to the center of the heart. You can buy or make your own seed paper. I love this tutorial from aboutHome. How cute are they!
Hope you have a beautiful Valentine's Day!
Nature-Inspired Valentines (free-printable)
Click on image for a printable PDF. 

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