Dorcy Flashlight and LED Headlight Reviews

One of the most essential pieces of equipment for ANY person is a flashlight. Having a flashlight fail, run out of batteries or, worse yet, not having a flashlight in an emergency is a real tragedy, whether outdoors or in. As an avid camper, road tripper and all around outdoor enthusiast I thought we had invested in some good flashlights. But you don't really know how dark it is until someone turns up the lights. This was my experience when I tested products from Dorcy.

Dorcy Flashlight and LED Headlight Reviews

A month ago I received the L.E.D Headlight and the 230 Lumen Focusing Flashlight. My husband has been using the headlight when walking home from work. He has to walk through very busy parts of town and we have both appreciated some of the features of the Dorcy Headlight that we feel make him more visible to traffic. We also used both products on our holiday road trip. A portion of our trip was done in the early morning hours and, once again, the headlight proved invaluable.

Dorcy L.E.D Headlight

Dorcy LED Headlight Review
Beam shown on high. 
Price: $24.99
Run Time: 12 Hours
Beam Distance: 387 Feet
Batteries: 3 AAA (included)
Dimensions: 2.75" W x 1.5" Deep x 1.5" H
Weight: 2.9 ounces
Unique Features: 3 brightness modes - high, low and strobe
  • Extremely bright beam.
  • Uses AAA batteries. Even though lithium batteries last longer, I prefer not having to worry about buying another type of battery.
  • Beam adjusts up and down. 
  • Strobe mode is very useful when safety is a concern. My husband walks home from work after dark sometimes. I love that he can switch to strobe mode when he encounters a lot of traffic. 
  • Great beam distance and width. We used the headlight when loading out car in the early morning hours and the illumination was perfect. 
  • Bulky.
  • Strap comes off easily. The first time my husband took the headlight to work to wear on the walk home, he lost the strap. Luckily he found it the next day. 
  • High mode is extremely bright. Be careful when allowing children to use the light. I saw spots for a while after my son got me in the eyes. We probably won't use this in the tent when camping. 
Overall we really like this headlight. It is perfect for around the house uses and car camping. If I were backpacking I would probably want something more compact. I feel like it is a good value for the price. This headlight be perfect for night hikes, caving, or, my favorite, moonlight canoe trips.

Dorcy 230 Lumen Focusing Flashlight

Dorcy 230 Lumen Focusing Flashlight
Price: $44.99
Run Time: 3 Hours on High
                8.5 Hours on Low
Beam Distance: 689 Feet
Batteries: 3 AA (not included)
Dimensions: 6" L x 1.5" W
Weight: 10.5 ounces w/ batteries
Unique Features: zoom focus, SOS
  • This flashlight is amazingly bright. It far exceeds anything we owned prior. The picture says it all. 
    Dorcy 230 Lumen Focusing Flashlight
    Largest to smallest from left to right. The Dorcy is medium sized but obviously the brightest. 
  • The focusing feature is nice. The motion is smooth and the ability change the width of the beam is very convenient. 
  • It is relatively light for the brightness of the beam. Don't get me wrong, it is a sturdy flashlight. But it is relatively short most likely because it uses AA batteries.
  • It is also small for the size of the beam. Once again, I attribute this to using AA batteries. The flashlight would have had to be longer if they used D batteries. 
  • Short run time on high. 
We LOVE this flashlight. We had a hard time finding things we didn't like about it. They only thing I can't report on is it's durability. I have only had the flashlight a month. We road ripped with it and keep it out constantly at home.

Disclosure: I received these products free of charge to facilitate this review. As always, all opinions are my own. 


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