Kiwibop Postcard Pals: Discover your world one postcard at a time.

Kiwibop Postcards and Pals are a fun and inexpensive way to introduce your kids the the many wonders of our world and beyond. But they do much more than that, Kiwibop is working to make a difference by bringing smiles to kids who have a life threatening disease or illness. But before I go on about Kiwibop, here is a little story from my life and how simple acts of kindness can make a difference.

My senior year of high school my youngest sister was diagnosed with ALL, Acute Lymphocyte Leukemia. The changes to our family life were drastic. My senior year turned into taxi service for my younger siblings while my mom was at the hospital with my sister or at home looking after her. But
despite the hardships, my sister's cancer brought to our family closer, it helped us realize how much we loved each other and the importance of our relationships.

Besides learning to lean on each other, there were many organization and people who gave of their time and money to assist our family. We were the recipients of many acts of kindness that brought us moments of joy and relief during an extremely stressful time in our lives. Never forget the power of simple acts of kindness during times of trial, or anytime in life really.

Kiwibop Postcards use a portion of paid memberships to offer complimentary memberships to kids with life threatening diseases or injuries. You can even refer a kid on their website.

So who are the Kiwibop Postcard Pals? The Pals are six different characters that introduce your kids to new discoveries in nature, science, travel and space topics every month on a simple but beautiful postcard. Each membership includes four postcards per month and a one-time introductory package.
Kiwibop Postcard Pals: Discover your world one postcard at a time.

Each Pal is an expert in a different area: zoology, space, nature, micro discoveries, travel and the ocean. Each postcard is from a different character and highlights are new discovery in their area of expertise. I have already found new places to add to our dream vacation list.

The Kiwibop website also offers Fact Explorer; which gives you and your kids more ideas for exploring the information on the postcards.

There are 3 different options for memberships and all cost under $4 a month. A seriously good deal. Plus you are helping those in need.

Bonus Use: I have started carrying these with me to use as non-electronic entertainment for my kids when we are traveling, at lessons or running errands. They take up a lot less space than an iPad or hand help gaming system and have given me opportunity to answer questions my kids ask as they look at the cards. They haven't gotten board so far because we get four new ones every month.
Kiwibop Postcard Pals: Discover your world one postcard at a time.

Follow along for more inspiration and ideas for exploring the outdoors as a family. 

Disclosure: I received my first 4 postcards free of charge to facilitate this review but all opinions are my own. 


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