7 DIY Costume Ideas for Nature Lovers

Halloween is such a fun time of year but can be stressful for us a parents. Lot so pressure to find or make the perfect costumes for our kids. And most costumes are expensive or complicated to make. So I have rounded up 7 nature-themed costumes that don't require a sewing machine and that use simple materials you can find around your house or at least at Walmart.
7 DIY Costume Ideas for Nature Lovers

Tree w/ Owl Costume

This is such an easy costume to make. You could even use it as an adult costume.


Brown or grey shirt
1 Copy of Pattern
Brown Felt
Orange Felt
White Felt
Black Felt
Hot Glue and Gun (or fabric glue)
Head Band
Pipe Cleaners
Leaves (real or fake) - If using real, coat leaves in Mod Podge.
My leaves have lasted a week and a half so far. 


  1. Print and cut out pattern
  2. Trace pattern onto corresponding colors of felt and cut out. 
  3. Hot glue owl together starting with the eyes, then beak, wings and feet. Just make it match the picture. I found it easiest of assemble the owl then lift and glue, piece by piece. 
  4. Hot glue owl towards the bottom of the black oval. 
  5. Cut pipe cleaners in half. You may not have to do this if your pipe cleaners are short, mine were really long. 
  6. Hot glue leaves to ends of the pipe cleaners. 
  7. Wind leaf pipe cleaners around head band. 
  8. Glue or fabric tape black oval with owl onto shirt. 
  9. Ready to go. Put it on and have a wonderful Halloween.  

Tree Hugger

Wear normal clothes and carry around/hug a log, tree or wood grained pillow (Care2).
OR hug your cute kid dressed as a tree!
Here are a couple options for log, tree and wood grained pillows.

The Lorax

This is such a cute costume from O My Blonde Family. You can always make this no sew by using purchased orange cap and clothes. 7 DIY Costume Ideas for Nature Lovers

Robin Hood

Come on, he lived in the forest. What is more tree related than that? I made this from felt. You could use glue instead of a sewing machine.
7 DIY Costume Ideas for Nature Lovers

Woodland Fairy

No Sew Owl Costume

7 DIY Costume Ideas for Nature Lovers

Monarch Butterfly

7 DIY Costume Ideas for Nature Lovers

Above all, just let your kids have fun and be creative. How awesome is a Darth Vader woodland fairy!
7 DIY Costume Ideas for Nature Lovers
Here are a few other great ideas -
12 eco-themed halloween costumes from Mother Nature Network
10 more nature themed costumes from The Natural Capital

Please feel free to add your nature or outdoor themed costume ideas.

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