Making time for the outdoors during a move.

Sorry to the lack of posts lately; we have been moving. And not just to a new home across town but across the country. Even though our move went fairly smoothly, it was still stressful. They always are!

My number one remedy for stress is spending time outdoors. Research shows, spending time outdoors gives the mind a break and helps us refocus. Here are my tips for making time for the outdoors to reduce stress, even during a busy move.
Making time for the outdoors during a move.

  • Keep it simple. We spent most of our breaks walking trails close to home and at the park. There will be plenty of time and new areas for adventures after the move. 
  • Start packing early. We started packing a month before the move. This gave us plenty of time to work and get outdoors.
  • Let the little things go. I didn't spend as much time as I normally do on cleaning, cooking big meals, blogging or getting all dolled up.
  • Just do it. Make the commitment and follow through. Sometimes it is just a matter of deciding to make it happen. 
I sincerely hope you don't have a move in the near future. But if you do, good luck and I hope these ideas help. Please share any tips you have for maintaining your sanity during a move.


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