Tree Identification Nature Walk for Preschoolers (free printable)

Even preschoolers can start to learn the basics of identifying trees. Without much help from me, my son learned to identify pine trees and still enjoys pointing them out. To continue fostering this interest I came up with a game.

I designed this for my son who just finished up his first year of preschool. I was not as concerned about him memorizing the many types of trees but wanted to encourage him to start recognizing the differences between leaves.
Tree Identification Activity for Preschoolers (free printable)

The Basics: Here are few things to start helping your kids understand before and during the game.
  • Conifers: These trees do not loose their leaves every fall. They are also referred to as evergreens because they stay green all year round. Use game to show your kids the shapes for needle-like and scale-like leaves of conifer trees. 
  • Deciduous: These trees loose their leaves every fall. Their leaves are generally broad and thin. Check of these posts activities for teaching kids about trees in the fall and winter
The Game:
Click on image to download pdf. 
  1. Print out the pdf on card stock or mount on cardboard. 
  2. Cut along the dotted lines. Make sure cuts remain small. 
  3. Get outside and collect leaves in your neighborhood, at the park, on a hike, or on your next camping trip. Slip collected leaves into the small cuts.
  4. Once all the leaves are collected you can secure them with a small piece of tape on the back and hang the game in your kids room.
Tree Identification Activity for Preschoolers (free printable)

What are you favorite outdoor activities for teaching kids about nature? Please share links to blog posts if you have them.

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