Earth Day is Your Day. So Make a Difference!

I have teamed up with a group of talented bloggers to bring you even more ideas for your Earth Day activities. Please check out their links at the bottom of this post. Thanks.

The first Earth Day in 1970 was the first nation-wide event focused on bringing awareness to how individual’s actions can improve our Earth. Before Earth Day, most environmental concerns were voiced through organizations such as the Sierra Club and the National Wildlife Federation.
Kid-friendly Earth Day activities.
So, Earth Day is OUR opportunity to change and make a difference. Today over 200 million people in 141 countries lend their voices and time. But that is just a fraction of the roughly 7 billion people on the Earth today.
Ok, enough with the history lesson; but I believe we can learn from where we have been and it can help us realize where we need to go. That said, I have decided this year my goal for Earth Day is to get a friend involved. We will be attending a festival at our local nature center and friends are already committed to join us.
I am hoping they will be encouraged to make changes in their own lives as we participate in activities. Plus, it is just fun to have friend around.  You can read about our eco-friendly changes on my St. Patrick’s Day post. We went “GREEN” for St. Patrick’s Day.
Kid-friendly Earth Day activities.
Dropping off recycling at our local nature center. We don't have recycling available for home pick-up.
More ideas for your Earth Day activities. Enjoy!
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