The Tale of Two Toddlers: A Camping Adventure

Anyone who has more than one child can tell you how unique each child is.

My sister-in-law recently asked me how my daughter does on our family car camping trips. She would like her family to go car camping for vacation but is worried how her youngest, who is just a few months younger than my daughter, would do.
Even though I want to just say: my daughter is amazing, go camping. But I feel it is only fair to give the whole story and tell her “It depends.”
My Son
Full of energy, extremely curious and very independent. He doesn’t sleep well at home or anywhere. He is totally unpredictable.
When we are car camping with him, we never know if he will sleep through the night or be up every few hours. Is he going to stay away from the fire or are we are going to have to put him in the tent?
When he was a toddler either my husband or I had to play with him or he had to be strapped in a stroller. He wouldn’t stay out of the fire and he was always running away.
My Daughter
She still has an opinion but she lets you know in a much softer way (although the closer we get to two the more forceful she is getting). She still gets into things but is much quicker to listen to directions.
She doesn’t run away and is scared of the fire. If we tell her to come back to the campsite, more often than not, she comes back. And generally, she sleeps through the night.
The Lesson
Car camping as a family is always a good idea! We see improvements in our family relationships and we prefer car camping as a family to staying in a hotel. But when you have a opinionated child on your hands you have to be a little more prepared, with activities, for the possible sleep deprivation, and the expectation you will have to adjust. And, even a gentler soul can surprise you at times. 
Don't you love the old-school tent?
How have your children’s personalities affected you camping trips and adventures? How have you handled it?
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