Why Camping in the Spring is the Best!

We went camping for the first time this year last week. Nothing extravagant, just a state park close to home. But it was heaven and I was reminded why I love camping in the SPRING.
Why we love camping in the spring.

I love all camping but here are a few of the reason this trip was especially nice:
1 - No bugs. It was amazing camping and not having to worry about citronella candles and bug spray.
Why we love camping in the spring.
2 - Girl Scout Cookie s’mores. Enough said!

My daughter wants in on the action!
3 - Cheaper rates. Because it isn’t peak season the rates at state parks are generally lower. We paid less than half the summer rate last week.
4 - Our empty campground. We were the only family camping. As much as I want other families to be enjoying the outdoors, it was wonderful having the place to ourselves. On our road trip last summer we found the same thing. We left before school was out and the campground were relatively empty. 
Why we love camping in the spring. 
What is your favorite time of the year to camp and why?


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