Teach your kids to be "Green" this St. Patrick's Day!

Instead of typical St. Patrick's Day activities, this year I am focusing on helping my children learn how to be "GREEN". Here are a few of the activities we have been doing.

We started with the basics: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.
  • Reduce: In our consumer driven world I often feel like I need to give my kids more stuff. Beyond the essentials, I believe the best we can give our kids is our time and love. Instead of taking your kids to a movie, read a book together or try a free, outdoor activity together.
  • Reuse: I have really been working to reuse what we already have or to buy second-hand items. A group of friends and I are having a Take It or Leave It event this month to exchange items we no longer use or need. Pretty simple, we all bring stuff we no longer need to a designated location and take what you need of the stuff others have brought. Great way to find some much needed items without having to pay and cleaning unwanted items out of the house.
  • Recycle: Our area doesn't have recycling but there is a recycling center at our local nature center. We created our own recycling setup at home and take the boxes to our nature center. 
    We choose to reuse boxes instead of buying recycling containers. We just keep them on our back porch.
Try a nature-inspired craft. We have done nature-inspired crafts for almost every season: winter, fall and spring. Check out my Pinterest board for more ideas.

Follow Mae @ Mommy Loves Trees's board Kids - Recycled or Nature Inspired Crafts on Pinterest.

Get your kids involved in gardening or shop your local farmers market. We are doing our seed starts this week. So excited for spring.

Make a green treat together. Ok, this isn't very sustainable but we did have a really good time.

Bonus: Our treat was camping inspired - St. Patrick's Day indoor s'mores. We made rice crispy treats with a few drops of green food coloring, then topped them with dark chocolate and crushed graham crackers.

Here are a few more tips for making your home more "GREEN".
  • Unplug appliances when not in use. Did you know your appliances are plugged in, they using energy even when they are not turned on? The phenomenon has a myriad of names: phantom energy, vampire energy, or idle current. Either way energy is being wasted. Unplug your appliances when not in use.
  • Play outside more, that way all electronics will be turned of.
  • Use your dishwasher instead of hand washing. It uses less water.
  • If you have blinds angle the light toward the ceiling in the summer, it will heat up your house less.
Be more "GREEN" this St. Patrick's Day.

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