Strengthening Family Relationships through Outdoor Play

This is a subject very near and dear to me. There are a lot of reasons I feel it is important for kids to be outdoors, but for me this is the more important.

Not sure if I have mentioned this before, but my husband isn't outdoorsy. There are various reasons but the funniest is that he has bad luck with wildlife. Seriously, it is attracted to him in a not-good way. A snake actually tried to cuddle up with him.

Despite the outdoors not being his favorite thing, he makes an effort for us to spend time outdoors together for one a major reason: we feel like spending time outdoors together as a family improves our relationships. 

Outdoor play strengtens family relationships.

Through out our entire marriage he has always made an effort but it wasn't until our road trip last summer that he really saw how beneficial it is for our family. That trip was really a game changer for him.

You can read the ways I feel like being outdoors improves our relationships on Go Adventure Mom.

How do you feel the outdoors has helped your relationships?
Outdoor play strengtens family relationships.

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