Making lemonade out of life's lemons.

Life gives us lemons on a regular basis. What we do with those lemons defines our character. A fellow outdoor blogger Jen of Velo Mom received one of the largest lemons we can receive in life: the death of a child.

Jen and her family lost their son Axel last year. In his honor they created the Axel Project and on the one year anniversary of his death they announced their next project: a children's book called Zoom.

"Zoom! is a picture book that will inspire young adventurers and their families to discover the joy of bicycling.

The story follows an active, happy toddler's adventures on his balance bike—a type of children's bike that kids propel by running rather than pedaling.

He scoots his bike confidently through the mountains and mud, puddles and rain, and in the desert surrounded by cactus. He wears his favorite helmet as he rides with his dog, with his brother, and with his whole family."

Jen and her family have taken the biggest of challenges and are working to bring joy to others. Right now the family is raising funds on Kickstarter to fund the publish the book. Please consider supporting this courageous family. A big THANK YOU!

Check out my fellow outdoor bloggers supporting this project.


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