Ten Thousand Islands Canoe Trip

With two canoes strapped on my vehicle, a couple friends and I drove a few hours south to the Gulf Coast Visitors Center in Everglades City, FL. But we werent there for the River of Grass, we were headed out to sea.

When most people think of Everglades National Park images of towering cypress trees and alligators (or alligator-eating pythons) usually come to mind. But on the west side of Everglades National Park lies a coastal area called Ten Thousand Islands. It is only accessible by boat; so have your wallet, personal canoe or boat available and get ready for some amazing views.

A majority of the scenery consisted of beautiful mangrove trees, winding waterways, birds and ocean waves. I was ecstatic to come across a pod of dolphins. They allowed us to paddle just close enough to know they were dolphins and get an idea of their numbers but never too close.

Instead of just day tripping around, we opted for some beach camping. It took a few stops, but we finally found the perfect (i.e. fewer bugs and facing towards the ocean) camping spot.

The grand finale of the trip for me was watching an amazing sun set over the ocean sitting next to the fire. I love the sound of waves. Combine those with the relaxing sounds of a crackling fire; heaven.
Photo courtesy of my friend, Rachel Davis.
If you have the opportunity to visit the area dont forget to pack in all the water you will need (there was no fresh water that I was aware of out in the islands), sun screen and your sunglasses. Lots of glare off the water. 


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