Nature Activity Table

Bringing bits of outdoors indoors can certainly help brighten the sometimes gloomy winter days. I have been wanting to make my kids a mini sand box for a while and I decided it was finally time to do it. And yes, we played with our sandbox indoors.

I’m excited to be partnering with four fantastic bloggers today on a nature table blog hop. You’ll get to see a total of five nature tables, each as unique as the family that created them.
Instead of just giving them traditional shovels and buckets, we added the items collected during our time spent outside to create a nature activity table. Not only can they do the traditional sandbox activities, but they can also tell stories and my son was even practicing planting.
My kids favorite book right now is Charlie the Caterpillar (probably because it is a gift from grandma), so our first activity was bringing that story to life. My son painted two sticks to look like Charlie and Katie, we collected rocks on a walk and I made mini-trees out of conifer needs. We couldn't act out the entire book but the kids had fun anyway.
I laid a sheet over the table to make sand clean-up a little easier and to protect the table finish. The great part is I can move the sand box outside when the days are warmer and we can continue to add natural elements as we collect them.

Disclosure: A vast majority of the time we will be playing with this on our back porch. But it was a new and exciting indoor activity for the many snow days we have been having. My son was so excited he had a hard time going to sleep the day we bought the materials.

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