Stick & Pine Cone Mobile

Every time I go hiking with my kids they insist on carrying sticks. As a result we end up with a lot of sticks in our car and on our front porch. Today we are putting them to use with a simple craft.
We had pine cones left over from Christmas crafts so we used them to make a mobile for my son's room.
Our mobile ended up a little big. You can certainly make them smaller and embellish more. 
  • 2 sticks of varying length
  • about 4 feet of string or yarn (try using different colors)
  • 5 small pine cones of equal size (you could paint them or add glitter)
  • hot glue gun or glue
  1. Clean up ends of stick using a pocket knife and paint. 
  2. Cut string into 7 equal lengths.  
  3. Attach 5 pine cones to the ends of 5 strings.
  4. Tie 2 of the strings with pine cones to the two ends of the longest stick and secure with glue. 
  5. Tie a piece of string to the center of the long stick and balance by moving the string along the stick until the stick hangs parallel to the ground. Secure with glue. 
  6. Tie 2 strings with pine cones to the ends of the shorter stick and repeat step 5 with shorter stick.
  7. Tie string from the shorter stick to the longer stick. Line it up with the string already attached to the long stick to ensure balance.  
  8. Tie the final string with a pine cone to the center of the shorter stick. 
Here are a few other ideas for stick art projects.
  1. Magic Trees from My Nearest & Dearest
  2. Windcatchers from Doberman's by the Sea
  3. Painted Stick Mobile from Playful Learning
  4. Natural Paintbrushes from Learn Create Love
  5. Painted Stick Instrument from Twodaloo
What simple art projects have you done with your kids? 


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