The Road Less Traveled. Brought to your by our GPS

Do you have a GPS and use it regularly?

We bought one a couple years ago when we moved to a new area. It has saved us many times (especially my husband, he isn't good with directions) but every once in a while I am surprised by the route it chooses.

On our road trip this past summer our GPS took us:
  • on a dirt road in New York state,
    Source - No joke, it really looked like this. 
  • through New York Dutch country,
  • through backcountry farm land,
  • and across Lake Champlain on the ferry. 
In general we love having a GPS. But they can be a little quirky. Here are a few things to consider before taking the plunge.

  • Easy to use.
  • Time saver. Don't have to print out directions. 
  • Does not always find the address. This happened a lot for us when the address includes a state highway. After a while we finally figured out how to enter those addresses. Most of the time it is not how the address is listed on website and it is a little frustrating. 
  • Does not always take the quickest route. I believe the GPS always find the shortest route milage wise but it may not be shortest time wise. 
  • Make sure and update the GPS every year. Ours erases the maps if it isn't updated. This has happened twice on trips. Lucky for us we always have an atlas in our car. 
Bottom line: on a road trip to new areas I suggest bringing a road atlas just to double check the route the GPS is suggesting. There were plenty of times this summer we cut over to highways even though the millage was a little longer.

Do you use a GPS when traveling and planning your families outdoor adventures? Do you have any funny stories, or not so funny stories, about where your GPS has taken you?


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