C is for Christmas Tree

I love the Christmas season. It is my favorite time of the year. Maybe it is because I have another excuse to have a tree in the house!

So in honor of the Christmas season, the next letter in the ABC's We All Need Trees series is...
A brief history of the Christmas tree; heathen traditions and all.

Ever thought about where the Christmas tree tradition came from?

No. Well, here is a bit of history on the Christmas tree anyway. You might be surprised. 

Evergreen plants and trees have been used to "decorate" doors and windows during the winter season since before the Egyptians. Some even thought they kept out witches and evil spirits.

Germans are credited with being the first to use decorated trees to celebrate Christmas. Americans initially rejected Christmas trees, calling it a heathen tradition. At one point it was even against the law in Massachusetts to hang Christmas decorations.

The Christmas tree became popular in American after Queen Victoria and German Prince Albert posed in front of a Christmas tree in 1846. (source)
A brief history of the Christmas tree; heathen traditions and all.
One of my favorite holiday traditions growing up was making home-made ornaments every year for our tree. Check out my post on DIY nature-inspired ornaments on Go Adventure Mom. Lots of fun ideas that involve getting the family outdoors. Here is a little teaser.
DIY nature-inspired Christmas decorations.
Hope your Christmas is merry and bright.
We all need trees.

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