Y is for Yellow Dellicious

I know I skipped, from B to Y in my ABC's We All Need Trees series. But in my book the only time to talk about picking apples is in the fall. So yes, I skipped to Y.
Fall outdoor apple activities|Mommy Loves Trees + why we all need trees!

Have you ever stopped and thought about how many of our foods come from trees.
Here are just a few. 
I pulled together a few activities to help your kids appreciate how much of our food comes from trees. 

Activity 1: Fruit Trees
I think one of the best ways to help our children understand where our food comes from is to get them involved in producing it (and it is another great way to get your family outdoors). It isn't an option for me to do too much home food production right now so I did the next best thing I could think of and took the kids apple picking. 
Fall outdoor apple activities|Mommy Loves Trees + plus why we all need trees.

Activity 2: Tree Lunch
Create a picnic using foods from trees. Here are a few ideas:

Hope you enjoy these and other outdoor activities with your family and friends this weekend. 


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