Outdoors In or Indoors Out: Nature & Art

We had a wonderful weekend; despite all of the crazy weather that happened across the Midwest.

Our local nature center held a nature & art festival that showcased local, nature-themed art. They also offered a bunch of free nature-themed crafts for kids. So I took the opportunity to have a "date" with my son.
Benefits of combining art & nature|Mommy Loves Trees
"Drawing" a turtle. 
Benefits of combining nature & art|Mommy Loves Trees
Making a gourd necklace. This was great practice for fine motor skills and counting. 
I am constantly amazed and excited about all the ways to work nature into our everyday lives and learning. For the gourd necklace, the kids were allowed to take 10 beads, 5 for each side of the gourd. After making the necklace my son looked at me and said 5 and 5 make 10. I enthusiastically said yes, 5 plus 5 equals 10. So awesome what kids can learn by doing simple, fun activities. 

Here are a few of my favorite local artists. 
Check out those awesome masks. They are handmade out of leather. 
Have you ever seen wooden sculptures carved using a chainsaw? Very fun!
After we finished up the crafts my son asked to go on a hike. Warmed my heart. I am thankful for special moments with my children.
How do you weave nature into your everyday lives? What benefits to you see? 


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