How do you measure success?

I have been aching to get out and enjoy the fall colors while hiking with my kids. We have had a lot going on the past two weeks so we didn't make it until this past Friday.


I am sorry to say the colors were a little blah. Just a lot of yellows and browns. Not exactly what I was hoping for, yet I wasn't extremely disappointed.

Why? I have discovered the best thing about spending time outdoors with my family are the memories we create and the renewal it brings to our relationships.

I can say this with some certainty because my husband is the "indoorsy" type yet he consistently comments on how good it feels to be together as a family spending time outdoors, even when he has no showers during our camping trips.

No matter what "type" of child you have, there are many, many frustrating moments and days when you feel like you don't do anything right. If you let it, it can really wear on you and affect how you feel about your child.

My solution: Make memories every day.

Sounds simple, obvious, or maybe even a little daunting; but, I have found the effects to be amazing. I was really struggling with my son last year and decided that I needed to make time everyday to just relax and enjoy time together. Initially it was cuddling while watching a movie. During this time he refused to go hiking (a major struggle for me that added to my frustrations) but cuddling everyday gave me a good memory and bonding time that I looked forward to. Watching a movie was and is the only way to get him to sit still for a few minutes to cuddle, can you relate? Thankfully I worked to help him get over his aversion to hiking (I talked about that here) and now he tells me how much he loves hiking and we build beautiful memories just taking simple hikes together.
Even my daughter is starting to collect leaves. Warms my heart.
What do you do with your children to create memories and renew relationships?

FYI: there were a few "diamonds in the ruff" with the fall colors. It just wasn't what I was expecting or hoping for.


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