Tree & Nature Themed Halloween Costume Ideas

I love holidays. Especially now that I have children. They give us a break from the routine of everyday life and opportunities to make a lot of good memories. And since it is October I can "officially" start planning for Halloween costumes. So here are a few fun and easy ideas I have come across for tree and outdoor themed costumes.

Tree Hugger - Wear normal clothes and carry around/hug a log, tree or wood grained pillow (Care2).
Here are a couple options for log, tree and wood grained pillows.
The Lorax - Here are a couple options for Lorax costumes:
Leaf Garland - Martha Stewart

Robin Hood - Come on, he lived in the forest. What is more tree related than that?

Woodland Fairy -
Above all, just let your kids have fun and be creative. How awesome is a Darth Vader woodland fairy!
Here are a few other great ideas -
12 eco-themed halloween costumes from Mother Nature Network
10 more nature themed costumes from The Natural Capital
Outdoor(ish) themed DIY costumes from OutsideMom.com

Please feel free to add your nature or outdoor themed costume ideas.


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