In the woods...

Reason: sound judgement; good sense. (dictionary.com)
Faith: confidence or trust in a person or thing. (dictionary.com)

There is something unique about being in the woods; maybe it is the rustling leaves or the dappled sunlight. Either way, I have learned the value of Emerson's thoughts. 

As a parent I often feel like I have lost both my reason and faith. After repeating myself for the five hundredth time in a one day (I exaggerate, I know), I can't help but wonder if I am crazy. 

Even if I don't get back all my good sense or confidence when I take my kids to the woods or any outdoor activity, I at least feel like I have done something meaningful and beneficial with my children. Plus I fee like we are all happier, especially my son, when we are outdoors as a family. 

What are the reasons you head to the woods or get outdoors with you family? 


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