Big Dreams, Itty Bitty Outdoor Space

I feel very lucky to have an outdoor space all my own, even if it is small. Luckily there are tons of ideas on the internet. Here are a few things I have tired and some that I would love to.
Creative activities for small outdoor spaces.
  1. Gardening - My son and I started a small herb garden but we would love to expand. Here are a few ideas I have been considering. 
    Creative activities for small outdoor spaces.
    1. Dwarf Apple Tree 2. Blueberries 3. Carrots 4. Raspberries (these will be my first purchase)
    This is a great idea from and could fit on a small porch.
  2. Composting - I never thought I could compost with only a small back porch, but it just might work using this method. 
    Creative activities for small outdoor spaces.
  3. Sand Box - Once again, such a unique way to allow kids some creativity in a small space. Just fill a plastic tub with as much sand as you want and whatever toys yours kids want.  
    Creative activities for small outdoor spaces.
  4. Nature Art Table - You can buy one but we had fun painting soup cans to make our own. Just gather tons of sticks, leaves, rocks, pine cones, etc. and let your kids go to town. We just use a small folding table we own. 
  5. Water Table - We used a plastic tub again but filled it with water this time. The possibilities are endless. I made this one a toy car wash. My Nearest and Dearest has a great round-up of ideas for water tables. 
    Creative activities for small outdoor spaces.
  6. Green House - Our back porch faces west and is a perfect place for starting seeds. Just put a little plastic wrap around an egg carton and presto, a mini green house. It probably doesn't work as well as a real green house but you work with what you have. 
    Creative activities for small outdoor spaces.
    This is really on our back porch, ours is just enclosed. 
  7. Campout - We have a small tent that we set up and let our kids play in. They aren't old enough to sleep outside yet but they enjoy playing just the same. 
    Creative activities for small outdoor spaces.
  8. Sandlot S'mores - Please tell me I am not the only one who liked the movie The Sandlot as a kid. It was probably all the boys. Anyway, in the movie they make s'mores by roasting the marshmallows over candles. Great idea when craving a campout but can't make it to the woods. Here is the scene in case you haven't seen the movie. 

Please share your creative ideas for utilizing small outdoor spaces.


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