Ooops, should have checked that.

I am a planner. Pulling together information and solving problems makes me happy. But despite my best efforts I wasn't able to anticipate every situation we would encounter on our road trip this summer (I talked about our road trip here). In my defense, this was our first major road trip since having kids. So, here are a few things I will keep in mind when planning our next road or camping trip:
  1. Everything takes longer than expected. I did plan down time to make up for our being late but I didn't plan enough. After the first day, we got into a rhythm getting everything packed up, but that first day we were really late and it killed us. 
  2. Know were to buy firewood. As a result of #1, we were always arriving at campgrounds after the check-in stations were closed. Some campgrounds had gas stations or camp stores nearby so it wasn't a problem; others didn't and it was a little annoying trying to find firewood. 
  3. Check that framed, child backpack carriers are allowed. I would have never guessed these are banned in certain places but they were. For example, they are not allowed in the caves at Mammoth Cave National Park. As a result we didn't get to go in. Had I checked, we could have brought a different carrier. 
  4. If you are not traveling during peak season, things may close up early. We had a couple of the campground stores close before we arrived because business was slow. 
All in all out trip went beautifully and we had a blast.
We even got to take a ferry across Lake Champlain in New York. 

Here are some more very useful resources if you are camping with young kids.
Please feel free to share any of the tips or tricks you use when planning your family's camping trips. 


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