Now she pulls my hair (gear review).

You know that saying "Be careful what your wish for you just might get it". Well, I have been wanting a child backpack carrier for a while now and I finally got one for Mother's Day. One problem, my daughter likes to pull hair and she now in the perfect position to pull mine constantly. Fortunately for my husband and I, wearing a hat seems to help.

The backpack carrier we invested in was the Osprey Poco Premium Child Carrier.

  • Pack is very comfortable; both for my daughter and me. 
  • The sun shade provides a lot of protection and is extremely easy to setup.
  • Lots of storage for carrying kid supplies.
  • Pockets in the shoulder and waist straps. 
  • The child harness clips over the shoulders (as opposed to the clip being at the stomach). 
Dislikes (besides my hair being pulled):
  • Expensive and I haven't found them on sale. 
  • Like most carriers with a frame, they are bulky. 
Why worth the investment:
  • Without it, our families outdoor fun was severely limited. We could only do things accessible with a stroller.
  • It keeps me sane. I have had it for 2 weeks and have taken the kids hiking six times. 
Frugal Tip: I have not ever seen this piece of equipment go on sale. Granted I have only been watching it for about 5 months. When I bought the pack I signed up for the Eastern Mountain Sports rewards program and received 15% off my first purchase. Makes a difference on a relatively large purchase, at least by my standards.


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