I had a problem...

and a walker was the solution. 

Can you guess what the problem was?

Yep, camping with an 11 month old who doesn't walk but likes being on the move. 

The walker did add to the equipment list but it was the best solution we could come up with that allowed our daughter to be mobile and relatively safe. We looked at the Kidco Go-Pod and the Go With Me Chair (both cool and versatile products) but they are both stationary.

The walker wasn't perfect; she would eventually get board. But I feel it helped her stay safer (than just crawling around the campsite) and generally happy. 
Frugal tip: A walker is extremely useful both at home and camping. Ours is a Baby Trend Walker With Toy Bar from Toys R Us and is a very reasonable price. We also used the walker as our daughter's "high chair". Another multipurpose piece of equipment for outdoor activities and camping.

Her first marshmallow. 


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