Making mischief or just curiosity?

I walked into the living room last week and was greeted by this sight.

Me: "AHHHHHH. Why are you dumping the dirt out?"

Son: "Mom, I was getting the dirt out of the plant."

My first reaction was a hurried response of leave the dirt in the plant. Then it dawned on me, my son doesn't understand that plants need dirt to grow. We usually get dirt off things, not encourage things to stay in the dirt.

Do you ever get so busy that you forget to slow down and enjoy helping you kids discover the world around then? I have been reminded a lot lately that some of the time when I think my son is creating mischief, he is really just being curious and wanting to understand the things he sees. In this case I had the opportunity to teach my son what plants need to grow.

Since our talk he hasn't tried to dump any of the dirt out. On the other hand, I don't leave the plant in the window when I am out of the room.


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