Salesmen - what do they know?

I had to run to Target the other day to pick up a few things. Our Target happens to be located at the mall.  So I decided to let my son run around and to stop by the local outfitters. I was trying on child backpack carriers (I desperately need one) and talking to the salesman when he made the comment that I should talk to my husband about which one to get. After all, men are much more outdoorsy than women. Lucky for the salesman, other than that comment, he had been helpful and patient as I attempted to keep my children happy and try on backpacks. I laughed and told him that in my case I am the more outdoorsy one.

Do you ever get comments like that? People assume you must not know as much as men or whoever. I did have fun correcting the salesman and letting him know that I am the outdoorsy one.

Do you hear the heavenly choirs singing?
By the way, I want the Osprey Poco Premium child carrier. There are a lot of great carriers out there and according to the reviews they all have pros and cons. But as we all know, the only way to know is to try one on. I tried on the Deuter Kid Comfort II and the Osprey. The Deuter has lots of great features but the waistband was really uncomfortable for me; the waistband was tall and dug into my waist. When I put the Osprey pack on it was magic. The salesman seemed to think that the Deuter's tend to be better for people with thicker waists and the Ospreys tend to be more comfortable for smaller waisted people. Not sure if that is true but I will say that the Osprey was much for comfortable for me. Another thing to add to my wish list.


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