My husband kicked me out of the house.

It's true; although probably not in the way you are thinking. I have been a little emotional lately. I just recently stopped nursing my daughter and I am always a little sad when that phase ends. Well, this past Saturday I was having a hard time being patient so my husband told me to get out the house and....

The first buds of spring. 
go to the forest. After all, where else would I want to go? He didn't have to tell me twice. I grabbed the essentials (water, camera and chocolate) and ran out the door.

A match made in heaven: eating chocolate in the forest.
It was lovely. The air was cool and fresh and it was just what I needed to clear my head. I was amazed how many details I noticed when I didn't have children to worry about. For example, I am sure the buds have been out all week but I didn't notice them until Saturday. As I have mentioned before, my son is obsessed with mud so I spend most of my time looking for that.

I hope your weekend was just as relaxing.


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