Kids Say the Darndest Things!

Just a word of warning: if you take your kids to see baby animals, you may have some explaining to do (I know, duh!).

Last week my children and I visited the Hancock Shaker Village to see the baby animals (it was on my "bucket list" of outdoor activities to do with my family this spring). My son loved it. The staff were very helpful and encouraged a lot of interaction with the animals. The Village has a lot of open space and a "kids space" with farm themed activities.

One thing, besides unexpected comments from children, to keep in mind when planning a visit are school groups visiting to see the baby animals. We arrived at 10:30 and it was pretty crowded until about 11:30. But after a picnic lunch the place was relatively quite and we enjoyed the baby animals to our heart's content.

Notice the red cheeks from all the running around? That's a good sign.
My daughter was a little too young to enjoy the animals. They scared her. 


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