I love taking my kids hiking but every once it is nice to enjoy the great outdoors all by myself. So this past Saturday I went for a hike all alone.

My favorite tree in the northeast is the birch tree. I love the white bark. I hope to have something like this in my home some day. 

I still didn't hike for a very long time but I did find a stream and enjoyed it immensely.  I am from Florida and one of the things I miss the most is the ocean. I don't really miss the sand but I do miss the sound of the waves. It sound of crashing waves is very relaxing to me; so sitting next the the stream was almost as good.  Although it was much colder.

Check out the ice of the plants. I assume it has been accumulating from the mist coming off the stream.

So beautiful. I am so thankful my husband is supportive of my hobbies.


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