Mommy Dates: At the farm

Do you have regular one-on-one time with your children? With five kids in my family growing up, one-on-one time with parents could be a little scarce. I remember doing daddy daughter dates but my mom really worked hard to give each of us one-on-one time every week. She actually assigned us one night every week when we would get to stay up and doing something special with her. Sometimes it was a treat, sometimes we would read a book or watch a TV show. But no matter what it was, we enjoyed having time with her. She called it "special time".

I haven't done anything quite so regular but I do make an effort to cuddle, dance, read, sing or whatever regularly with my son. It has been quite an adjustment having a second child. My son is no longer the center of attention and he feels it. Making time for him almost everyday seems to have helped with his attitude. I feel like it is easy to spend time with my daughter at this point because she is so young and still nursing.

This past Saturday I had a little extra time so I grabbed my son and we spent some time together. Nothing spectacular. We went to the library first. I know, not outdoor related, but well worth our time just the same. Later we went to a local farm to buy cookies and see some animals.

We are so lucky to have some good farms in the area. This one makes their own cheese and has a really good bakery. I make way too many trips out here to buy cookies.

I also feel very lucky to live in such a pretty area. The views are awesome even when driving.


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