Going Out Anyway

I read a post this week on that really resonated with me. It was tips for taking kids out on hikes and such without a spouse/partner. Go here to read her tips. My kids ages don't exactly match up with hers but the tips were helpful none the less.

Since moving to Massachusetts I have begun venturing out on my own with the kids. The first hike I went on in the area was just me and the kids (I talked about it here). It was an awesome experience to see my son enjoying the things I love. On a hike the following week I got to see him throw rocks in a stream and climb over a log for the first time (see pictures below). May seem like insignificant things but I remember loving those things as a kid. If you are having reservations about taking the kids out by yourself, take the plunge. Follow the tips suggested at and enjoy the experience. I look forward to taking my kids out every week. I think that if I didn't take the time to take them out I would resent being at home so much and just be miserable. Every experience isn't perfect, but I do feel better taking time for what I love.


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