Waterfront Activities: No Extra Equipment Needed

This is the fourth post in my No Extra Equipment Needed series; a series that highlights outdoor activities that don't require any extra equipment. I am challenging myself and helping my kids develop their creativity and imaginations. 

I didn't grow up in Florida but I consider it my home. I grew up out west in the mountains and it was a little bit of a culture shock moving to Florida. The first thing I grew to love in Florida were the trees; no surprise there. And the second was the water.

Whether the beach, the many lakes and rivers or, my personal favorite, natural springs; the waterfront in Florida is beautiful. It is the best way to spend hot summer days. So whether you are in Florida or any other place near water, here a 18 waterfront activities: No Extra Equipment Needed.
Waterfront Activities: No Extra Equipment Needed
  1. Tic-Tac-Toe - draw lines in the sand or mud and use natural materials (rocks, sticks, shells, etc.)


Educational App For Kids Review + Giveaway

I have been researching and using a new child development app lately and have found it to be extremely effective in both educating and wearing children out. And the best part, it is free.

To preview, set down your computer/tablet/phone, go to your nearest window and open!

Before downloading, follow the proceeding steps to prepare for this exciting app.
  1. Check for bugs. This is most effectively done by opening up the front door and walking outside. If there are excessive bugs consider applying bug spray. 
  2. Check the cloud. If they are full, there may be glitches (i.e. rain). Generally the darker in the color, the more full they are. 
  3. Be aware that this application may be shocking as the resolution is better than the new iPhone. 
To access this app, simply open the door and walk outside.

Tips For Using App:

  • Get rid of delays by allowing your children to get dirty. 
  • To unlock the educational portion of this app simply allow your children to explore nature, build and create. They may


3 Totally Crazy Ways to Spend Earth Day

What's the first thing that comes to mind when you think of celebrating Earth Day?

Probably something along the lines of exchanging ideas for "green" living, crafting using recycling materials, gardening or simply spending time outdoors away from technology.
3 Totally Crazy Ways to Spend Earth Day

All of these are good ideas but I was recently reading an article that totally blew my mind and changed how I am celebrating Earth Day thi

Filling Your Family's Bucket!

Every family goes through times of stress. It is an unavoidable part of life. A couple years ago my husband changed jobs and it was one of those unavoidable times for my family. Don’t get me wrong, we were ecstatic to have a job but we had to move half way across the country and the entire process was very overwhelming. As the move date got closer we decided to have our things shipped to our new home instead of driving them out ourselves. This freed up time for us to sight see on our way to our new home.
Filling Your Family's Bucket! The benefits of SIMPLE family vacations.

We were moving from an area of the country that we didn't think we would ever live in again, so we were eager to see some sites. And we did; a full weeks’ worth in fact. We camped half of the time to help cut costs and because it is one of my all-time favorite activities. I love the outdoors, my husband loves sports and we both love to eat so most of our activities revolved around those interests.


Our Favorite Ways To Play Outdoors In The Spring!

To me the most enjoyable time to be outdoors is in the spring. The temperatures are milder, not too hot and not too cold. We no longer have to put on 20 layers when we want go outside. And everything is changing. Plants, trees, birds and animals are coming back; making it an especially fun time to explore nature.

I am a firm believer that getting outdoors doesn't need to be complicated. Sometimes the simplest activities are the best. My favorites are usually to ones that don't require extra equipment.

I guess I have spent enough time outdoors encouraging my kids to explore that I don't even have to prompt my them anymore, they just start on their own. They get so excited when they spot a bird or bug, climb rocks on their own or create nature art. It has been one of the most rewarding things about spending so much time outdoors with my kids.

On that note, here are my favorite activities for the spring that don't require extra equipment.
Our Favorite Ways To Play Outdoors In The Spring!

Play in the rain. The rain itself is a lot of fun but it also means streams and rivers are running high. Something as simple as throwing leaves and sticks into a stream to watch them float down can be so much fun. Besides rain jackets, we don't have any other special clothing.


DIY Seed Paper - A Unique Way To Sprout Seeds

It is spring and I have been thinking a lot about gardening. I love gardening and my kids love getting their hands dirty. It is a win-win activity for all. But I have one little problem, I live in an apartment and we have very little room for such activities. That just means I have to get creative and this year I decided to trying sprouting seeds using seed paper.

The thing I have loved most about using the seed paper is how clean it is.


Hike It Baby!

It is no secret that hiking is one of my favorite activities. That are so many benefits. Beyond the obvious health benefit, hiking and being outdoors implies a relatively technology-free time. Children today spend an average of 6 hours a day in front of a screen and but less than 4 minutes playing outdoors (source). While there are some benefits to technology, children need more time outdoors. Children need challenges that develop their imaginations, creativity and motor skills. According to some research, relying on technology for play can limit children's development (source). But I think one thing we can all agree on is that it isn't always easy to get kids outdoors. It can take a lot of time and energy from us and, especially as kids get older, they may not always want to get outdoors. This is where Hike It Baby comes in.

Hike It Baby's mission is to encourage and support families getting outdoors for a walk in nature EVERY WEEK. They provide support in two ways.


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